Thursday, October 06, 2005

Slippery Green Slope

It starts off innocently enough. A little recycling, because the city makes it easy. An organic apple or two, because they're showing up regularly in the big chain supermarket. A shrug and a good feeling about choosing the fair-trade or organic coffee.

Driving a bike to Starbucks instead of riding an automobile the 7500 feet on Sunday morning. Walking to the market. Just once. An experimental trip to South Pasadena on the Gold Line train. A little more vigorous effort at recycling.

Pretty soon maybe you're looking at getting solar cells, or take one of those free LA County classes and start a little compost bin. You stop using chemical pesticides and petroleum-based weed killers and fertilizer in favor of buying live lady bugs at OSH and clove-oil based Raid(tm) at the supermarket.

Next thing you know, your mother wonders outloud when you became a hippie.

Living a rigorous, earth-friendly lifestyle is, well, rigorous -- and not for most of us.

But so many easy ways to Go Green have now been made available that it is almost no effort to make the switch from harmful products to better ones, from poisoned food to better tasting organics, and on and on. This blog, then, is intended simply as a way to share the lazy way to green your life and lifestyle. Not every topic explored will be high-grade green; but all will be pretty easy!


Transmogrifier said...

Hey! I wandered over here from Green LA girl's blog. I liked your intro. I am a student and I am taking the first steps towards going green too. I agree totally with you. There are so many easy steps and I just need to overcome my reluctance and choose wisely. Living in a rented apartment it is hard to change certain things. But I am trying. Will definitely be following your blog.

Roger, Gone Green said...

Thank you; somehow I missed this comment earlier! I do understand about the apartment thing, and I admit that more than a few topics I will cover over the months are home-owner-centric. (Look out when I get to composting!)

But see, you already have the first requirement -- awareness.

You know I used to be embarrassed to say the word "Organic" out loud in the supermarket. I felt, well, silly. Like people would think I was some sort of treehugger freak. I still get twinges of self-consciousness, which, as you note arises as reluctance.

So, start small. Pick something, stick to it. It is a slippery green slope after all!